11 January 2014

Very First OOTD!!

So today, I went food tasting for my brothers wedding and the food was great!!! I'm getting so excited about it. It was probably not the best idea to wear a cream top but what the hey!

Most of the items I bought were on sale and I don't think some of them will be in store any more but they are all pretty basic.

I thought I would take advantage of the sunny weather and take the photos outside. It was so cold!! 
The top and shoes are from Primark sale and the jeans from Matalan R+R Collection.
I thought I would go quite casual as it was only a food tasting. I love the length of this cardigan and really want other colours, so if any of you know where I can get really long, good quality cardigans then let me know.
The cardigan is from Marks and Spencer and was bought quite a few years ago, so I don't think they sell it any more.

Close Up of pocket detail.

Close up of jewellery.
All the jewellery is from Dorothy Perkins and was all on sale.

This is my first outfit post. What do you think of it?
Please be nice haha!

Much Love


  1. I love this outfit on you. And the necklace is stunning. :) And welcome to the bloggers world. :)

  2. Aww thank you soo much! Everyone is so so nice and welcoming! xx

  3. Yes, everyone in the community have been very nice to me as well. It is great and everyone seem to be supporting each other:) xx


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