30 January 2014

Blinging it out

Hello Lovelies,

Today I bring you my most recent jewellery purchases. You guys won't know this already but I own a ridiculous amount of jewellery and the collection is constantly growing.

I cant help it, I am like a magpie, as soon as I see something shiny I am instantly attracted to it.

I will being with earrings.

I think that the first two pairs are from Primark but I'm not sure where the other pair are from. I love hoop earrings and these are huge! Hopefully they won't be too heavy for my lobes.

Now Broaches.
These are both from Dorothy Perkins, I bought them in the sale, I only realised when I got home that the bead in the middle of the first one is missing but I have replacements so I don't mind.
Recently I have seen a lot of people wearing these on shirts, coats and scarves and thought I would try it myself, I love them and have had plenty of compliments.


I usually find it quite hard to buy rings as a lot of the time they don't fit but I was lucky to find these beauties.

And the finale... Statement Necklaces.

Aren't they just sooo pretty?! The number in my jewellery box is growing rapidly, I will be investing further in them without fail.

What are your favourite jewellery picks this month?

I was thinking of doing a post like this once a month, let me know what you guys think.

Much Love,

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