20 March 2017

Bore off!

Hello Wonderful People,

Today I come to you with a post that is very different for me.

I have been thinking about writing a blog post for a while now and I have been putting it off because I lack the motivation, time and patience.

To get my mojo back I started looking through my blog content and to be honest, I have changed so much as a person over the last year or so and I cannot really relate to the girl in my older posts.

So, today I have decided to say more about what I am thinking rather than what I think people would like me to say.

Here it goes,

I am taking a stand and I am saying BORE OFF!

BORE OFF! To the boys that used to chase me round the play ground calling me 'Kong Kong' and 'Big Foot'.

BORE OFF! To the little boy in the playground that told me I was a fat bitch when I was at my most insecure.

BORE OFF! To every 'friend' that ever said that they 'think they are fat' or 'feel fat', whenever we went out shopping together.

BORE OFF! To cold shoulders, butterfly prints, batwings, dress tents and body shaping underwear.

BORE OFF! To clothes that have my size written in them but aren't actually my size.

BORE OFF! To what people say is or isn't flattering on my fat body.

BORE OFF! To when I went shopping when I was younger and all I could buy was accessories and men's clothes because nothing else fit me.

BORE OFF! To the people who tell me I'm not fat when I clearly am.

BORE OFF! To the same people who say you're not fat but you're pretty or beautiful.

BORE OFF! To every advert about weight loss or getting that 'bikini body'.

BORE OFF! To every job I have been turned down from because of my name, size, skin colour and the fact that I am a woman.

BORE OFF! To the man that thought it was okay to insult me because I turned him down on a dating website.

BORE OFF! To my doctor, who tells me every time I go for an appointment that I am extremely overweight.

BORE OFF! To all the plus size brands who don't actually cater for plus size women.

BORE OFF! To anyone that has ever tried to put me down because of my size.

BORE OFF! To any plus size campaign that left plus sizes out.

BORE OFF! To size exclusion.

BORE OFF! To anyone that ever told me that my body can't wear this or shouldn't wear that.

BORE OFF! To dieting.

BORE OFF! To anyone that has ever told me to loose weight.

Is there anything that you want to say BORE OFF to?

I am trying to take my blog in a new direction that is more honest and open about me to the people that read it.

Good day to you,

Abi xx

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