13 January 2014

My Shoe Wishlist!

Today, in between applying for jobs and coughing my guts out I have had a browse for shoes on ASOS.
I can tell you now that my shoe collection is severely lacking! I can count on my hands how many pairs I have, it is so shameful!

So, I know I have now money but these shoes a so pwetty and I really want them and I am gonna wish and wish and maybe my fairy godmother will appear and have all 9 ready for me! I know Cinderella only had on pair but I am not her, so I can be allowed 9 right?

Here is the line up....

  1. ASOS PORTOBELLO Platforms - £21 (on sale)
  2. ASOS MENACE Cut-Out Flat Shoes - £32
  3. New Look Chewy Black Heaving Profile Chelsea Boots - £24.99
  4. ASOS ATTENTION Suede Ankle Boots - £48
  5. ASOS MANHANDLE Lace Up Shoes - £32
  6. ASOS AS IT IS Ankle Boots - £65
  7. ASOS ARTHUR Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots - £40
  8. ASOS PEMBURY Platforms - £45
  9. New Look Compact Black Chunky Strap Detailed Boots - £34.99

I personally, am not a fan of very high shoes. I am quite tall already and also don't like to be in pain when I am walking.

I am loving boots right now and cut out details too. I don't really wear very many colours but I am trying my best mix my shoe collection up a bit, black looks good but so do other colours!

This chunky heel thing has got me excited too, comfort is my number one priority when it comes do buying shoes and because my feet are quite wide it is difficult to get that in your average shoe sizes.

I do, however, love the large range of shoes and sizes (up to 9.5) ASOS has to offer and I shall be investing in some of these hopefully some time soon.

Let me know what you think of my choices. Also, if you have any favourites from ASOS I would love to see them.

Much Love,

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