12 January 2014

Job! Job! Job!

I have been on a quest since I graduated, in June last year, to find my 'DREAM JOB'. I have found that, not only does it not exist but it is also so difficult to find a job as a graduate. Well it has been from my experience.

As you may or may not know, I have an honours degree in Landscape Architecture. I was looking for something in this field but since it has been virtually impossible to even get a call back for an interview, I feel like I must be going wrong somewhere.

I have now decided that I am going to apply to a wider variety of jobs which I have the skill set for. I will explain this further, lower down in this post.

There are so many requirements the you need to have before you can even apply which I think is ridiculous!
Ones I have come across very frequently are:

  1. Experience here, there and everywhere -Can someone please explain this to me???? I have had some work experience in the field her and there but when you have come fresh out of University, where and when do these employers expect you to gain experience?
  2. A masters degree - I am planning on doing on this year but still! I want experience before I do my masters!!!
  3. A full clean driving licence - Why? Why? Why is your office not in a place that is accessible by public transport? Why?
  4. Ability to use all these unheard of computer programmes - I do know how to use my fair share of computer programmes but some of these jobs have ones I haven't even heard of before! I know the ones that are really required why ask for ones that nobody knows about!
Seeing as it has been so difficult to get a job in a related field to my degree, I have made the bold decision to just find anything before I do my masters. Hopefully when I have done it all these places won't ask for a PhD or something after I have completed it.

So my rant is over now, I know it was long but I do believe that there are so many people in a similar situation.

If you guys have any advice it would be much appreciated!

Much Love

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