23 October 2015

I bought Makeups

Hey Lovely People,

I have recently been spending more money on make up than clothes. SAY WHAA??  I know! I thought it was about time I updated my depleting make up collection. I have never really been a big fan of it and only started wearing make up in Uni. I am in no way professional and wouldn't even consider myself a novice but recently I have started to take more of an interest in make up and I blame all you beauty bloggers out there that I follow! You are all enablers! I'm going to name and shame as well, just coz I love you all so much,
Fatbeauty xLeah XLBeauty Breaks With VickyJust Me Leah, you ladies are responsible for me having to declare myself bankrupt at the end of this month... Hehehe!

Anyway, onto the haul!


I can't find the exact luxe colours on the website but there are these two:


Now, I can't remember/find all of these so please don't hurt me.
(I can't find the darker shade on the website)

I hope to have some reviews of some of these products up soon. But I want to  be sure of the ones I really love first. 

Much Love,


07 October 2015

And It Comes To An End

Hello My Lovelies,

I am going to alert you now the pictures in the post are really not the greatest. They were taken on my slowly deteriorating phone but I like the dress so I have to share it.

Now that Summer has actually come to an end I wanted to share an outfit I wore (a really long time ago and forgot to put up). As you all should know, I practically live in dresses (or pyjamas). I have so many that I don't really get the chance to wear them as I buy them but when I dig in to the depths of my wardrobe and find them again I realise why I fell in love with them in the first place and this dress from Dorothy Perkins is a prime example.

 This dress is so light weight and really comfortable, I don't believe it is still on the website but if I find something similar I will link it for you all. I love the bold print and the deep v-neck which allows me to show off my 'assets'. My only qualm would be the length, I would like it to be a couple of inches longer.

 The sandals are from ASOS Men's. I often check the men's shoes as I have wide feet. I found these and the are amazing. They did take a little while to break in because the are real leather but when I wore them I felt like I should have been in Hercules... The Disney movie... I'm not even ashamed.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Denim Jacket: From a clothes swap
Sandals: ASOS

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