04 April 2017

I Went Shopping

Good Evening Lovely People,

The Saturday before last, I went shopping with the beautiful Michaela and I spent a lot of money on stuff I don't need and had no money for. I am a self confessed shopaholic so I really can't help myself.

We went to Bicester Village for the day and it was thoroughly enjoyable. If you ever plan on going, go early so you can leave early. Myself and Michaela realised very quickly that we would not need to spend the whole day there but the train tickets I booked only allowed us on the train at a particular time.

Any way, it was a fun day filled with shopping, many laughs, amazing food and both of us being extremely tired by the end of it. I still think now that I haven't fully recovered.
Our intention was to find a bag for Michaela but I love shopping so I had a few items on my wish list too. All the staff were very friendly and helpful and the Village is really easy to navigate. It was very quaint and cute.

Here is what I bought! Sorry it has taken so long Hollie!!

Anya Hindmarch

 I blame Michaela for this purchase but the patches in this shop are great and I couldn't resist buying one.

Kate Spade

I originally picked up a pouch but then I saw this T-Shirt and searched frantically through the pile to find the biggest size... And there it was and XL glittering in my eyes!! AAAnnnnddddd, it fits as well!!


I don't know what it is about Pandora but everyone I go to there is always a queue outside. I was waiting in the queue for about an hour, probably a bit longer. I managed to pick up four charms. I believe some of these are still on the Pandora website. I'm not gonna link the because I can't be arsed.

Cath Kidston

This is where I went completely crazy. There were so many bargains to be had! I have always loved the robot pattern and there were sooo many things with it on. I finally managed to pick up an overnight bag and some other bits an pieces. I have no idea why I bought spoons. Don't judge, I was buying on impulse.


This was the last shop I went to, I have never used any of the products before so I was looking for something to try. The I saw this £12 bargain and had to have it. It's four handbag size perfumes. They all smell amazing and I think I will do some reviews on them too.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,


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