08 January 2014

Plans for 2014

On my first post I said I would do a post about resolutions. I make them every year and fail to succeed but this year I am determined to make them happen.

In no particular order, I have made a list. I will cross them off as I get them done.

  1. Get A Job - Pretty self explanatory. 
  2. Finish Masters Application Form - I have been procrastinating because I don't really know what to write about myself but I will get it done before the end of this month (I HOPE!)
  3. Get accepted on to Landscape Architecture Masters course - also quite self explanatory.
  4. Get a placement in a Landscape Architecture Firm part time - I want to gain some experience before and during my masters, so I am prepared when it comes to working in the field.
  5. Take a class - not sure which one yet but definitely something creative.
  6. Get fit - every year up until now I say I am going to lose weight and never do. This year I have decided that it isn't going to happen but I would like to be fitter and get my heart pumping fit blood into my veins. Not really sure if that makes any sense but what the hey!
  7. Be nicer to people - this one is mostly aimed at people who say stupid things to me and then I get irritated because of their stupidity.
  8. Save for a holiday - again pretty self explanatory.
  9. Go on holiday - I would love to go to Italy again or maybe Spain or maybe Dubai or maybe.....
  10. Get better at keeping in touch with people- I am so bad at this and I will try to make more of an effort with my friends and family! Maybe I should make them read this!
  11. Start a blog - Well this one is pretty much done so I shall cross it off my list.
So that's it for my resolutions, if you guys have any exciting ones I would love to know what they are.

I am still working on my blog design so please be patient for buttons to my Twitter and Tumblr to go up on the side.

Much Love,

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