31 December 2014


Hello Lovelies!!

Earlier this year I made a list of things I was going to do throughout the year to make me a 'better person'.
Let's just say I have well and truly FAILED!!! I have only completed a toddlers handful and the main reason why is because I still don't know which career I want to pursue in life.

Here is the list from last year and I am adding the changes for this year!
On my first post I said I would do a post about resolutions. I make them every year and fail to succeed but this year I am determined to make them happen.
  1. Get A Job - Done and Done! Now I have my foot in the career door I need to figure out what I actually want to do. 
  2. Finish Masters Application Form - HUGE FAIL! I have changed my mind a million times about the career path I wish to take and Landscape Architecture is no longer on that list (unfortunately).
  3. Get accepted on to Landscape Architecture Masters course - Didn't even apply! Naughty Abi!
  4. Get a placement in a Landscape Architecture Firm part time - I did actually manage to get some work experience but working two jobs is definitely not for me and the latter unfortunately had to be dropped.
  5. Take a class - MAHUSIVE FAIL! I am going to do this I just need to plan my time a bit better.
  6. Get fit - ANOTHER FAIL! I would say that I am on my feet all day at work though so maybe a slight win? No?
  7. Be nicer to people - I really don't think this is ever going to happen. Working in retail prevents this from happening.
  8. Save for a holiday - Maybe this year....
  9. Go on holiday - Again, maybe this year....
  10. Get better at keeping in touch with people-I really tried with this one but I am either always working or sleeping but catching up with old friends is a must this year.
  11. Start a blog - Well this one is pretty much done so I shall cross it off my list.
I also have a few more to add so here it goes;

  1. Post regularly on my blog - I am going to designate my days off to making my blog the best it can be
  2. Eat less cake - Who am I kidding? This will never happen!
  3. Spend more time with my family - I already do but I want to see family that I don't get to see very often.
  4. Take better care of myself - This year I have been ill more times than I can count so I am going to try and eat my 5 a day and drink way more water than I do.
  5. Spend less and Save more - I am going to start doing a monthly budget series. I have more than enough of everything so I really should start saving.
  6. Decide on a career choice - I am only 24 but I really do think it's time I thought hard about what I want to do.
  7. And finally - Stay Happy! I am generally quite a happy person and try not to dwell on things too much, hopefully I won't annoy anyone too much!
Wow! That was a long post! What are your resolutions for the new year? Please do share!
Links and comments are welcome!

Much Love,

19 December 2014

Bra Confessions

Hello My Lovelies!!!

I recently went to a Curvy Kate blogging event in London. I was invited by the lovely Chantelle.
If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some pictures from the night! A lot of boobs and boob grabbing.

Here I some pictures from the night, I didn't get very many because I was too busy drinking and eating.... Mostly eating.

Me and the models

 Me and Leah

 Me and Monique

 Me and Anne

 Me and Emma

Me and Elena

So here is my confession.... I have been wearing the wrong size bra. My poor back and my poor boobs.
I had a fitting and I can say that I feel a lot better in my new size. It is much more comfortable and gives me much better support than any bra I have ever worn (possibly a review soon?).

We got a goody bag and included was on free bra of our choosing, some lip gloss and a portable charger. We also had discounted bras and knickers to choose from, so I bought myself another bra and I also bought a few knickers too!

I picked up the daily boost bra as my gift. Thank you Curvy Kate! This bra works wonders!

We had an announcement during the night of a new line that Curvy Kate will be releasing! It is very sexy lingerie and we had a preview!

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening along with some great people. Everyone was so nice and made the night even more fun and exciting.

I met some new lovely people too! I would like to say thank you to the wonderful ladies from Curvy Kate who really know how to host a party!

Have you ever bought a curvy Kate bra before? If so, how are you finding it? If not, you need to!

Much Love,

13 December 2014

To The Maxi

Hello Everyone!!!

Today I bring you an outfit if the day. I live mostly in dresses because I find they are easy to put on and I don't have to think about whether my top will match with my bottom.

I ventured into Simply be (on Oxford Street) a few weeks ago and they had 20% off this dress which, personally, I thought was a win!! Unfortunately now it has gone back up to £60 but never fear boxing day sales are just round the corner!!

What I wore:
Fedora, Primark
Dress, Simply Be
Necklace, House of Fraser
Boots, Primark

Now it's starting to get cold I think I will have to put away the jackets for a while!

Much Love,

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