27 September 2015

John Lewis - Studio 8 Launch

Morning Everyone!

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Studio 8 Launch for John Lewis. I was so excited as I didn't know that John Lewis had a plus size section and I couldn't wait to see what they had to offer.
When I arrived I was met by a lovely lady and taken to a meeting room. And of course in my true fatty form headed straight for the food, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

We had a nice chat about the collection with the designers and some of the John Lewis staff. Everyone was really lovely and welcoming. I also met some fabulous ladies on the evening and I had a really good massage from the wonderful ladies at Clarins.

The range goes from a size 16-24. We got to try on clothes from the range and here are my favourites.

I love this dress and jacket combo, I am quite tall so I would have to wear this with really thick leggings.
I tried on the 22 (in the dress) but for comfort think I would have liked to try on the 24 because... well because boobs.

The print on this dress (heart eyes emoji) I wasn't to keen of the fit on me but the material does fall nicely and is in scuba material so has a bit more give than many of the others I tried on.

 I don't spend much time travelling on public transport so this mac would be perfect for winter. I could just imagine it with a nice pair of chunky boots and a blanket scarf.

This wrap dress has to be my favourite out of the whole collection. I love how it fits and I love the colour.
It is so comfortable and hugs my figure perfectly. 100% YES!

And last but not least, this emerald green dress. I had to size up a bit because again, boobs, but apart from that this is a beautiful dress. The lace was a bit itchy but I had been trying on clothes for about an hour by this point so being hot and trying on clothes and the posing for a photo would make me a bit uncomfortable.
The dress was the perfect length for me and cinches in at the waist to give some shape. it is full lined and I got to swish around in it, so it made me happy.

Have you had a look at the collection? What are your favourite pieces?

Much Love,


11 September 2015

Welcome Back Again

Morning Lovely People,

A few month ago, I said I would be making some changes to my blog as I didn't feel the layout reflected the content.

I have now cleaned it up and made the page easier to navigate and use.

I hope you like the changes I have made.

I will also be scheduling a few posts over the next couple of weeks.

I know I always say I will try to do more on this but this time, for real, I really want to spend more time on my content as this after shopping and eating is my hobby and I really enjoy it.

So, until next time...

Much Love,


07 September 2015

Style Has No Size Takeover

Evening Lovely People,

As many of you will have seen, on Friday evening myself, HollieStephanieMichaela and Katie did out own take on the #Stylehasnosize campaign run by Evans and UKPSFW.

We all agreed that the photo released showed a huge lack of diversity and did not represent the hashtag at all.

Don't get me wrong the models are beautiful and looked fabulous but that photo does not relate to me or many people I know.

Today, I have asked everyone to join in as style really doesn't have a size, nor does it have a shape it doesn't have a race, or an age, it doesn't have a sexuality or  a gender!
As well as beauty, style is in the eye of the beholder and I don't want anyone to be left out.

So please join me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr (and all other social media) to flaunt your style and show the world that #stylehasnosize!!

Here are some pictures of some wonderful people (and myself) that will also be taking part.


And myself!

Please use the hastag, #mysizehasstyle so I can see all of your amazing pictures!!

And remember,


Much Love,


04 September 2015

Bloggers Do It Better

Morning My Beauties,

As you all may or may not know yesterday, Evans released an advert for their #Stylehasnosize campaign.
Now, I totally support the hashtag and the campaign they are running. However, like many other people and after the backlash it had on social media, myself and four other size bloggers took to the streets of London to do our take on the hashtag.

Don't get me wrong, the models in the original photo a beautiful but this photo does not show this campaign any justice. The lack of diversity (not just size) is incredible and I just don't understand why Evans has conformed to the 'Oh so predictable' standard size 16/18 model with an hour glass figure that most everyday people can't; A. compete with and B. relate to.

Although, these beauties do look fabulous you can really begin to understand where there are flaws. I'm not going to point out each one as it does not take much to see it for yourself.

Us ladies saw the photo, we saw what people people were thinking about it and we made a decision to give this hashtag a little more meaning!
Ideally we would have had several people all shapes, sizes, heights, races, genders etc.. but in such a short space of time I kinda think we hit the nail on the head.

We all managed to come together on Oxford Street and take this picture! I am so happy for us as I think we have managed to represent better. Five amazing women proving that in fact, Style has no anything! It is what the individual makes it and if that means lounging in your pj's all day or wearing you Sunday best than you can work it any way!

I would just like to say a big thank you to these wonderful ladies MichaelaKatieHollie and Stephanie! Without them, this wouldn't have been possible.

I also ask that you all join in with your own pictures! You can use the #Stylehasnosize but also #Mystylehassize and if you are a blogger #Bloggersdoitbetter.

Much Love,

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