23 July 2015

Online Dating - The Struggle is Real #1

Hello Lovely People,

I have a completely different post today. One that is way out of my comfort zone and if I'm honest I'm slightly scared about sharing it. But, I'm gonna bite the bullet because I feel that this is a subject the is becoming more and more ''acceptable'' in today's society.

Online dating for me is the most annoying and frustrating experience that I have ever had in my entire 24 years and (almost) 9 months. It surpasses GCSE, A Levels and my four years at University.

The one thing that I can compare it to is Job Hunting... Yes I said it... JOB HUNTING!

Let me go into the way that I thought this would work. It's gonna turn into one of those expectation vs reality kinda post for a couple of sentences. I thought that I would be able to meet someone, go on a few dates, get close and all lovey dovey and shit and be together forever.. Oh, how naive I was. Not only did that not happen, every time I have thought about getting close to someone I have been put straight into the dreaded friend zone. God, I hate that place...

I have been friend zoned enough times to know it sucks and I will not be letting it happen any more. I have enough friends, I didn't go through the time consuming sign up process on POF, to just be friends. You can fuck right off with that shit!

I started online dating in Uni as a way to meet people (men), not necessarily for relationship purposes but I was having a really shitty time with my (uni) friends and wanted someone else to spend time with. Now, to begin with I did not tell anyone about this, I was actually ashamed of myself. That I couldn't find any man that would find me attractive in person without succumbing to the internet. Yes, I did feel sorry for myself and yes, I did start to think there was something wrong with me. Obviously, now I do not but I have still not met anyone who I think is suitable, you know the one person you would bring home to meet your parents.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do quite enjoy being single and 'free' but everyone gets lonely and I am not a fan of domestic animals, so I'm not gonna get a pet either. I currently enjoy my single life and the freedom is great but I am at that point in my life where the majority of my friends are in long term relationships, getting engaged, getting married and are married and when I see that, I just want a bit of it too!

So, I have decided to take all you lovely people on my dating journey with me. I will do some past and present experiences, which I hope some of you will relate to. I feel that by publishing this post I may have unleashed my insanity on all of you! Oh well! If you didn't know I was crazy before, you do now!

Much Love,


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