18 January 2014

Doing an MA!

Good Evening Lovelies (it's a long one),

Around November last year, I decided that I would bit the bullet and apply for a Masters. I would like to do it this year so that I have a bigger range of opportunities with 'work' when I finish.

I am a Landscape Architecture Graduate so I will be doing the Landscape Architecture Masters. There is only one place that I want to go, which means I have to get it right.

I will keep the University of my choice secret for now but I just wanted to talk about the Open Day and Application.

The Open Day was really great, there was free food so I am not complaining. We were given a very short intro to the Uni, which was great because I always end up falling asleep in them (food + a warm room = a sleepy Abi).

The campus was very lovely and the student and staff very nice. And the food! Oh My Goodness!! Free food never tasted so good! Haha!

I was expecting more people to be around for an open day but there are a few spread out over the year so I am quite happy that we were quite a small group. The studios really spacious and had all the facilities need to the course. What I was most excited about was that each student gets their own desk (with computer) to use for the duration of their study.

The library was small but looked like it had all the books and journals required for the course and the other courses that the University offers.

Now on to the application... I filled out the parts I call 'easy' very quickly and then got to the personal statement stage. I don't know why but I had it in my brain that this was going to be the hardest part to fill out when all I have to do is talk about myself. Why have I found this part so daunting? Each time I wanted to start I just had a mind block. I even started looking at others that had been written online and none of them helped because they lacked the creativity I was looking for.

I then thought, why am I looking at others when I am talking about me? No one else just me. 

After putting off writing my personal statement for about 2 months. I have finally started! Yay! A pat on the back for me. It is not finished yet, as I have discovered I have a lot to say about myself. I sound so up myself. I mean it in a good way though. I am also quite enjoying it.

I will let you know how well it's going later on.

In the meantime, if any of you guys are applying for or doing a Masters, have you got any advice for me?
It will also be great to know what courses you are doing.

Much Love,


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