30 January 2014

Blinging it out

Hello Lovelies,

Today I bring you my most recent jewellery purchases. You guys won't know this already but I own a ridiculous amount of jewellery and the collection is constantly growing.

I cant help it, I am like a magpie, as soon as I see something shiny I am instantly attracted to it.

I will being with earrings.

I think that the first two pairs are from Primark but I'm not sure where the other pair are from. I love hoop earrings and these are huge! Hopefully they won't be too heavy for my lobes.

Now Broaches.
These are both from Dorothy Perkins, I bought them in the sale, I only realised when I got home that the bead in the middle of the first one is missing but I have replacements so I don't mind.
Recently I have seen a lot of people wearing these on shirts, coats and scarves and thought I would try it myself, I love them and have had plenty of compliments.


I usually find it quite hard to buy rings as a lot of the time they don't fit but I was lucky to find these beauties.

And the finale... Statement Necklaces.

Aren't they just sooo pretty?! The number in my jewellery box is growing rapidly, I will be investing further in them without fail.

What are your favourite jewellery picks this month?

I was thinking of doing a post like this once a month, let me know what you guys think.

Much Love,

27 January 2014

New Look Wishlist

Hello Lovelies,

It's been a while since I bought anything from New Look, so I had a browse on their website and found some nice things. I was actually looking for quite a while before I found anything casual that I liked. A lot of their stuff is party which is good but there needs to be more of a mix.

Here is what I found.

What are your January picks from New Look? Please share them in the comment box below.

Much Love,

26 January 2014

I think I have found it!

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for the constant template changing on my blog. I have now decided on one which I will keep for a while.

It's really hard to decide which to use as there are so many on offer. As my blog grows I will obviously make my own background but for now, I hope you like it.

Much Love,

24 January 2014

Quick Outfit Post!

Hello Lovelies,

I have a very quick outfit post for you today. My mum got bored of taking photos after two. I seriously need to find someone who would love to take photos of me. Any takers?

Glass Print Dress - George at Asda (Sale)
Cardigan - Next (Bought at Plus London Market)
Tights - Debenhams
Bag - Zara

What are you guys thinking of this glass print trend? Or have I missed it?

Much Love,

23 January 2014

Plus Size Market Spree

Hello Lovelies,
(Plenty of photo spam!! But It's all good stuff, I promise!!)

So on the 17th of this month I went to Plus London's first plus size market. I got to meet some of the beautiful bloggers who inspired me to start blogging and I also bought I ridiculous amount of clothes.

I got 15 items and spent £35 pounds which amounts to just over £2.30 per item!! SO CHEAP!!

All of the ladies that were selling their stuff were lovely and I had a great time.
The building was very easy to find but I wish there was one a bit closer to home as it took me forever and a day to get there.

I need to find better ways of showing 'hauls' but for now please bare with my slightly creased clothes that are hung up on my door.

 Look at all the pretty clothes I bought!! I got way too over excited but how cheap everything was!
Also, to the Plus London Organiser people! Please do another one!!

Let me know what you guys thing of my purchases.

Much Love,

21 January 2014

Jeans Please!

Hello Lovelies,

This is a request post! I really need your help!

I have searched high and low (well it feels like I have) for a pair of jeans that fits me perfectly.

I am a size 20/22 and always find that a 22 is way too big and the 20 fits okay but can be a bit restrictive in places.

I feel like I am the only one of all my friends this happens to, so I am looking to you guys to help me out.

If you, please, can tell me where to get some really good jeans /jeggings /treggings (plus size) that fit quite well and are not extortionate in price, then I would be very grateful if you tell me your 'go to' place.

There will be some outfit posts coming up over the next few days. I'm excited, because I get to share it with you wonderful people.

Stay tuned!

Much Love,

19 January 2014

Working on my blog!

Hello lovelies,

My blog is currently a work in progress and I am trying to de-clutter is and make it simplistic so that it is easy to read.

I am still working on the icons, as you can see but hopefully I will work this out soon. I am a beginner, so please bare with me.

In the meantime, please check out my other posts. I love to hear feedback.

I hope you all have had a nice day.

Much Love,

18 January 2014

Doing an MA!

Good Evening Lovelies (it's a long one),

Around November last year, I decided that I would bit the bullet and apply for a Masters. I would like to do it this year so that I have a bigger range of opportunities with 'work' when I finish.

I am a Landscape Architecture Graduate so I will be doing the Landscape Architecture Masters. There is only one place that I want to go, which means I have to get it right.

I will keep the University of my choice secret for now but I just wanted to talk about the Open Day and Application.

The Open Day was really great, there was free food so I am not complaining. We were given a very short intro to the Uni, which was great because I always end up falling asleep in them (food + a warm room = a sleepy Abi).

The campus was very lovely and the student and staff very nice. And the food! Oh My Goodness!! Free food never tasted so good! Haha!

I was expecting more people to be around for an open day but there are a few spread out over the year so I am quite happy that we were quite a small group. The studios really spacious and had all the facilities need to the course. What I was most excited about was that each student gets their own desk (with computer) to use for the duration of their study.

The library was small but looked like it had all the books and journals required for the course and the other courses that the University offers.

Now on to the application... I filled out the parts I call 'easy' very quickly and then got to the personal statement stage. I don't know why but I had it in my brain that this was going to be the hardest part to fill out when all I have to do is talk about myself. Why have I found this part so daunting? Each time I wanted to start I just had a mind block. I even started looking at others that had been written online and none of them helped because they lacked the creativity I was looking for.

I then thought, why am I looking at others when I am talking about me? No one else just me. 

After putting off writing my personal statement for about 2 months. I have finally started! Yay! A pat on the back for me. It is not finished yet, as I have discovered I have a lot to say about myself. I sound so up myself. I mean it in a good way though. I am also quite enjoying it.

I will let you know how well it's going later on.

In the meantime, if any of you guys are applying for or doing a Masters, have you got any advice for me?
It will also be great to know what courses you are doing.

Much Love,

16 January 2014

Mini Primark Shop

Hello Lovelies,

I went shopping the other day and nearly went crazy but restrained myself from buying everything that I saw.
I think Primark is great! I love shopping there and always find something that I like. I know a lot of them stock up to a size 20/22 so ok for the plus size market.

Here is what I bought:

 Oh yeah! All these items were on sale (minus the leggings)! You can't beat a good sale.
 Pumps - £6 £4
 Knee High Socks - £1!!!!!
 Leggings - £3
 Midi Dress - £13 £3
Midi Dress - £10 £5

Everything was so cheap!!! I was way too over excited and tried on about 20 items in the changing rooms but then I thought 'No, Abi! You do not need all this stuff, nor do you have the money for it all.'
I think I did quite well.

The leggings have a sticker saying they are a new and improved fit so I am going to test them out and do a post on them later.

Not bad for £16, right? Let me know what you think of my purchases. Have you bought anything from Primark recently? I would love to see so link me in the comments box below.

Much Love,

15 January 2014

Another OOTD!!

Hello my lovelies,

Today I have brought you another OOTD. This is all stuff I bought quite a while ago so I have tried my best to find similar items for you guys.

I apologise for some of the pictures, I have now fired my Dad as photographer.

Dress - New Look Inspire, similar maxi ASOS.
Lace Shirt - Wallis, similar ASOS.
Bag, thrifted.
Bangle, Gifted.
Ring - Evans, similar Evans.
Earrings Dorothy Perkins.

Note: There is a huge range of carpet bags on eBay if you want to invest in one.

I thoroughly enjoy wearing midis, I much prefer them to skater style. I am quite tall and always find that skater styles come up short. If any of you guys do know somewhere that I can get ones that won't show my bum when I bend over, please let me know in the comments box below.

Also I would like to know what you guys think of my ensemble so please do leave comments.

Much Love,

14 January 2014

My Life in Profile Pictures

Evening my dears!

I just saw on Leah's Blog this thing where she has put all of her Facebook profile pictures together. I love this idea as I have had the chance to reminisce and look back over my Facebook years.

Some of them have me as a child, my mum when she was my age and my cute little nephew, so a bit of a mix.

This is all of them, not very many because I don't update them very often.

What does your Facebook life look like? I would love to see, so link it in the comments.
Thanks Leah for passing on the idea.

Much Love,

13 January 2014

My Shoe Wishlist!

Today, in between applying for jobs and coughing my guts out I have had a browse for shoes on ASOS.
I can tell you now that my shoe collection is severely lacking! I can count on my hands how many pairs I have, it is so shameful!

So, I know I have now money but these shoes a so pwetty and I really want them and I am gonna wish and wish and maybe my fairy godmother will appear and have all 9 ready for me! I know Cinderella only had on pair but I am not her, so I can be allowed 9 right?

Here is the line up....

  1. ASOS PORTOBELLO Platforms - £21 (on sale)
  2. ASOS MENACE Cut-Out Flat Shoes - £32
  3. New Look Chewy Black Heaving Profile Chelsea Boots - £24.99
  4. ASOS ATTENTION Suede Ankle Boots - £48
  5. ASOS MANHANDLE Lace Up Shoes - £32
  6. ASOS AS IT IS Ankle Boots - £65
  7. ASOS ARTHUR Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots - £40
  8. ASOS PEMBURY Platforms - £45
  9. New Look Compact Black Chunky Strap Detailed Boots - £34.99

I personally, am not a fan of very high shoes. I am quite tall already and also don't like to be in pain when I am walking.

I am loving boots right now and cut out details too. I don't really wear very many colours but I am trying my best mix my shoe collection up a bit, black looks good but so do other colours!

This chunky heel thing has got me excited too, comfort is my number one priority when it comes do buying shoes and because my feet are quite wide it is difficult to get that in your average shoe sizes.

I do, however, love the large range of shoes and sizes (up to 9.5) ASOS has to offer and I shall be investing in some of these hopefully some time soon.

Let me know what you think of my choices. Also, if you have any favourites from ASOS I would love to see them.

Much Love,

12 January 2014

Job! Job! Job!

I have been on a quest since I graduated, in June last year, to find my 'DREAM JOB'. I have found that, not only does it not exist but it is also so difficult to find a job as a graduate. Well it has been from my experience.

As you may or may not know, I have an honours degree in Landscape Architecture. I was looking for something in this field but since it has been virtually impossible to even get a call back for an interview, I feel like I must be going wrong somewhere.

I have now decided that I am going to apply to a wider variety of jobs which I have the skill set for. I will explain this further, lower down in this post.

There are so many requirements the you need to have before you can even apply which I think is ridiculous!
Ones I have come across very frequently are:

  1. Experience here, there and everywhere -Can someone please explain this to me???? I have had some work experience in the field her and there but when you have come fresh out of University, where and when do these employers expect you to gain experience?
  2. A masters degree - I am planning on doing on this year but still! I want experience before I do my masters!!!
  3. A full clean driving licence - Why? Why? Why is your office not in a place that is accessible by public transport? Why?
  4. Ability to use all these unheard of computer programmes - I do know how to use my fair share of computer programmes but some of these jobs have ones I haven't even heard of before! I know the ones that are really required why ask for ones that nobody knows about!
Seeing as it has been so difficult to get a job in a related field to my degree, I have made the bold decision to just find anything before I do my masters. Hopefully when I have done it all these places won't ask for a PhD or something after I have completed it.

So my rant is over now, I know it was long but I do believe that there are so many people in a similar situation.

If you guys have any advice it would be much appreciated!

Much Love

11 January 2014

Very First OOTD!!

So today, I went food tasting for my brothers wedding and the food was great!!! I'm getting so excited about it. It was probably not the best idea to wear a cream top but what the hey!

Most of the items I bought were on sale and I don't think some of them will be in store any more but they are all pretty basic.

I thought I would take advantage of the sunny weather and take the photos outside. It was so cold!! 
The top and shoes are from Primark sale and the jeans from Matalan R+R Collection.
I thought I would go quite casual as it was only a food tasting. I love the length of this cardigan and really want other colours, so if any of you know where I can get really long, good quality cardigans then let me know.
The cardigan is from Marks and Spencer and was bought quite a few years ago, so I don't think they sell it any more.

Close Up of pocket detail.

Close up of jewellery.
All the jewellery is from Dorothy Perkins and was all on sale.

This is my first outfit post. What do you think of it?
Please be nice haha!

Much Love

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