12 March 2014

OMCZ #28

Hello Lovelies,

Here's is another OMCZ challenge for you. This week the challenge was chosen by Mary. She said:

'I know that heels make our feet hurt and sometimes is quite difficult to walk however, is there anything more stylish than a woman in heels? You may have a simple dress and no accessories but if you put your heels on you will be the most elegant girl in the room SO ladies I want to see your heels!!'

I have a few pairs of heels but only wore them on nights out when I was in uni and haven't really worn them since. I will be showing 4 pairs in this post.
I will start with summery ones! The weather is getting better so I would like to get these out as much a possible.

The first pair are from Faith, gifted to me by my mum.

 These wedges are from New Look, They are so high, I feel like I may topple over in them but as long as I do it in style, I don't see the problem.

 Now for the going out ones! The first pair are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have ever purchased. They are from New Look and are kind of Jeffrey Campbell knock-offs.

 These are my most favourite pair, they are ridiculously comfortable! They are a prime example of paying more to get better quality. My feet never hurt in these shoes. They are from Dune and cost me £45 in the sale a few years back.

I wish I had more places to wear these to. Hopefully soon!

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Much Love,


  1. I love the Dune ones best. :) x x

  2. Thanks Mariett!! Me too Leah, they are definitely the most comfortable out of them all!! xx

  3. I love the lace up ones from New Look that are so uncomfortable. Such a shame that they are cause they look sexy!! :)

  4. Thanks! I love them too, which is why I wear them anyway haha! xx


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