10 March 2014

Lakeside Meet

Hello Lovelies!!

On Saturday, I met some beautiful blogger babes for a shopping day out in Lakeside. We had a fab day filled with fun, food and shopping of course!

Be warned there are plenty of pictures in this post! Some taken by Leah and Mookie too!

We went into Primark (I will be doing a haul), Evans and Yours Clothing. I had never been in a Yours before so I was very curious as to what the shop would be like.

I will start with Evans first, I am really upset that I didn't get a picture of my changing room! It had a sofa in it!!The staff were very welcoming and helpful and allowed us to take loads of pictures and try out loads of nice clothes.

There are also some new upcoming collections that they will be adding, so a trendy Evans is in our futures. Smiles all round.

Look at all the pretty jewellery!

And here are the outfits I tried on...

I really liked this shirt dress too but thought it was still to pricey for what it was.
My favourite of them all was this Scarlett and Jo prom dress. If only I could afford it...

Next is Yours Clothing, I didn't take any pictures of the shop itself as it was quite small and narrow. I tried on a few dresses but only a couple of things sparked my interest.

First of all this dress!! I actually really liked it! It is a quite light weight material so would be perfect for summer.

I really liked this lace dress too, the lining was a bit off but at the same time I loved the sweetheart neck line and where the sleeves stopped on my arm.

This dress was not so good,it didn't flatter any of out figure but you win some you lose some!

Finally, I tried on this polka dot dress, you can never go wrong with polka dots! I would have preferred it to be a little bit longer though.

And now a few pictures from the rest of the outing, the weather was so nice!

Shopping with girls who you have something in common with is great and its nice that we all similar taste in clothing but style it differently.

Here are the lovely ladies I went shopping with.

Mookie - http://muki7x7.blogspot.co.uk/
Leah - http://www.justmeleah.co.uk/
Charlie - http://www.freakumdress.co.uk/

Have you guys gone on any shopping trips recently? Show me what you got.

Also, the Primark buys should be up soon!

Much Love,


  1. It was a lovely day and hopefully we can do it again in another few months. x x

  2. Yeah for sure!! I was thinking Westfield Stratford next time, More places that sell plus size clothing :) xx

  3. So wish I could've made it! What is there at Westfield? I've only been once and I only went in Paperchase haha xo

  4. It was an amazing day apart from the crow incident. But it was great meeting you Abi. Wish we could have got more time together. Hope to see you soon. xx

  5. Westfield is great!!! They have New Look (Inspire), Forever 21 (plus), Evans, Primark, and some other places but I can't remember. They have pretty much everything there!
    I know, so sad! I really wish we didn't have to see that! Don't worry we will see each other soon :) xx


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