06 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dress #4 and #5

Hello Lovelies!!

I have decided to do these every other day as I think that its just too much to do everyday!

Also, I am trying to sort out my car and what not and that has kind of taken precedence, hopefully I should be back to normal by Monday.

Day Four

I bought this dress from Primark in the sale a while ago and although I love it after the fist wash it has started to fade ( I shouldn't really complain, seeing as I only paid £3 for it). Please excuse the make up free face, I just could not be bothered to wear any yesterday.

 Day Five
I bought this pinafore/dungaree dress from George @ Asda in the sale a couple of weeks ago and they didn't have my size left so I sized up a couple of times. It is a bit big for me but I don't care because its comfortable.
I was battling with the wind today and I am sure I traumatised several secondary school students when the dress blew over my head but I don't care!

I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge!! I am finding clothes I don't even remember buying! It's like shopping all over again.

I shall hopefully have a video to you guys soon with some things I have bought over the last few weeks.
I hope you enjoy it.

Much Love,

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