13 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses 6-12

Hello Lovelies,

Here is a round up of my dresses from the past few days.

Day 6
This was the 99p Dress challenge day, I love this polka dot dress. I haven't stopped wearing it since I got it.

 Day 7
I got this Monsoon dress from the fat positive clothes swap, I love it so much and I am really happy I picked it up.

 Day 8
I got this smock dress a while ago from Matalan (in the sale of course). I know I am looking hot in my slippers!

 Day 9
This dress is from the maternity section in Primark. I love it so much it is different from other daisy print dresses that are around.

Day 10
Another Dorothy Perkins fit an flare dress, I like the way these dresses fall and I think that I will be adding more to my wardrobe.

Day 11
I picked this dress up from the Plus London Market a while ago and really should have checked the size because it is about 4 sizes too big. Luckily, it has an elasticated waist so it stays in the right place. Alterations, are a must with this one.

 Day 12
And last but not least, today I wore a midi dress I got in the Primark sales in January. I love the colour but it is completely see through so I had to were a vest top and extra thick leggings with it.

That is all for now. Is anyone taking part alongside us bloggers? Please do share some of your favourites.

Much Love,


  1. That daisy print dress ������ xx

  2. I know!! I am so glad I bought it AND it was only a tenner!! xx

  3. I wish I'd bought that daisy print dress when I saw it! It would've been tighter on me of course, but the pattern is so pretty.

    I love your slippers! x x

  4. I'm regretting not getting that daisy dress too!
    Loving the 30 in 30 challenge you guys are doing xo

  5. NO WAY that is a bloody bargain xx

  6. They need to expand their maternity range to other stores!! Not just the big ones. xx

  7. I havent seen the rrange in the brum or west bromwich stores xx

  8. Love the daisy dress too. It looks super pretty on you hun. xx

  9. Aww thanks Mookie! I love, I am really happy you guys made me keep it in my basket! xx
    I know Kitty it's ridiculous, we should start a petition! HAHA! xx


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