30 March 2014

30 Days 30 Dresses 22-29

Hello Lovelies!!!

We are almost at the end of the 30 Days 30 Dresses Challenge! I think I have done really well (bar 2 days).
I'm so happy that I managed that many! It's been fun! My mum is refusing to take more picture after this challenge though so the next person I pick to do them is my brother.

So here is the breakdown of my outfits from the past week or so.

Day 22

This is the first time I have cracked this dress out since I bought it. It is neon pink and waffle textured. I love it so much and I shall be wearing it more as the weather gets better.
I bought it from ASOS in the sale for £5!!! Absolute bargain!

Day 23

I am becoming a huge fan of wearing jumpers over dresses. I think it makes an outfit look a bit more interesting and is a change from tucking stuff in. Again I bought this dress from ASOS for £5 in the sale. It's the same as the pink one but in black.

Day 24

Here I am wearing a denim dress from Littlewoods. I have, again, worn a jumper over the top which is from Matalan. I have also put collar tips on the dress.

Day 25

This dress was given to me by my aunt and it is from Sainsbury's. I am wear a faux leather top over it, which I think, compliments the dress very well.

Day 26

I picked this beauty up in the Fat Positive clothes swap I went to a while back. It is from Club L and I love it so much. I hope there will be another swap soon. I met so many lovely people.

Day 27

Polka dots! What more could you ask for? I am a huge fan and this dress is perfect for the warm weather we have been having.

Day 28

It was my Uncle's birthday party over the weekend and he had a BBQ. I thought I would try and dress up a little bit so I wore this red cold shoulder dress that I bought from Forever21+. Over the to is a vintage shirt I bought from the plus size market earlier this year for a pound!

Day 29

This is a rust coloured dip hem dress from Debenhams in the sale. I love the colour and it is very light weight so is good for layering.

Have you noticed that my slippers appear in almost all my photos? I can't help it, they are just so comfy!
I have loved this challenge and it has indeed been a challenge. I have really had to think about what to wear and which dresses I love the most. So, So hard!!

I hope you guys are enjoying this challenge too!

Also I have another haul video coming up soon so please do subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can check it out. I would love to know what sort of videos you would like to see as well!

Much Love,


  1. I HAVE THAT KIMONO! I love it too. I got it in the New Look Sale amongst some others and it's such a great addition to a plain skirt and top. You look lovely in it! x

    1. I got it in the sale too!! Haha! Thanks so much!! xx

  2. I love the day 24 denim dress!



  3. Aww Thanks!! It's poppers though and my boobs are slightly too large for it, so they just pop open haha!! xx


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