14 May 2017

Horizontal Stripes and Queen Bee

Good Evening you lovely lot!!

I said I would have a blogpost this weekend so I'm gonna stick to my promise and give you a blogpost!!!
Motivation: 1 Laziness: 0

I find it so difficult to take pictures for my blog as I don't really have anyone to take them and I'm too cheap to pay anyone to do it for me. I did however manage to steal 20 minutes of my cousins day for her to take some for me!

As you may or may not have seen  on my insta a few weeks back, I went to Bicester Village and I bought a really cool T'shirt from Kate Spade.. I know right.. Me? Fitting into Kate Spade clothes??? Pah!!

Well, I did with this T-shirt and of course I'm gonna wear it loud a proud!! I even did my make up nicely too!!

I got the top in an XL and it fits pretty well. I have problems with tops because of the boobage but this one is okay because it has quite a bit of stretch in it.

Also, did you notice? I'm fat and I'm wearing horizontal stripes! No on died. Shocker!

I always go for optimum comfort with outfits and anything with a bit of stretch in it makes me very happy!

 My aunt told me to take one like this with her only rose! I couldn't do it seriously so that's why my mouth is open!

 Look at them bingo wings!

See I told you my makeup looks good!
Top: Kate Spade
Skirt: Asda
Jacket: River Island
Boots: Newlook

I hope you are all having a good evening!

Much Love,



  1. That T-shirt is amazing and you look bloody fabulous in it. Your cousin did a great job with the photo's and I love your makeup too xx

  2. I love your face, you beaut! This outfit is lush and so is your makeup. xx


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