13 December 2014

To The Maxi

Hello Everyone!!!

Today I bring you an outfit if the day. I live mostly in dresses because I find they are easy to put on and I don't have to think about whether my top will match with my bottom.

I ventured into Simply be (on Oxford Street) a few weeks ago and they had 20% off this dress which, personally, I thought was a win!! Unfortunately now it has gone back up to £60 but never fear boxing day sales are just round the corner!!

What I wore:
Fedora, Primark
Dress, Simply Be
Necklace, House of Fraser
Boots, Primark

Now it's starting to get cold I think I will have to put away the jackets for a while!

Much Love,


  1. You look lovely hun. That pendant is gorgeous! Xx


  2. You look amazing, the dress is so so beautiful! I think the same with dresses as well, less to think about :p But at the moment it's far too cold to wear dresses even with tights :p x
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    1. I probably wear dresses more thank anything else with leggings or tights and then socks to keep my feet warm of course :).

  3. I love the print of the dress! Plus, it's black and white - my favorite color combo. That necklace is lovely too!

  4. Thanks laidies! I always find it difficult to accessorise with such bold prints but I thought that the necklace went really well with the outfit!

  5. You look fab, lady! I love that hat on you too. xx

  6. Love how you styled the dress - I'm not particularly fond of maxi dresses on myself, but it looks great on you! I also like your necklace, I've been wanting a crystal necklace for a while now.

    becky ♡ star violet


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