14 July 2014

Money Saving Monday - Did you say sale?

Hello My Lovelies!!

As you all know me and some of my fellow plus size bloggers are taking part in a spending ban this month and to make it a bit fun we decided to make a blog challenge out of it. We are already two weeks in and I have to say I have found it extremely difficult not to but all the things!

My bank balance really suffered last month and I want to save to go on holiday for my birthday so I just have to grin and bear it. Although, I will have a haul video for you guys at the end of this month for my purchases last month (I know it doesn't make any sense but some stuff didn't arrive on time).

I think I have done alright so far with the spending ban but I just can't resist checking out the ASOS website (in the sale) because they just have all the pretty things!! ASOS isn't the only site I look through for clothes but I need to resist so I don't make myself cry...

Hopefully some of my family members will see this *hint, hint mum and dad*

Please take a look at the other ladies taking part:

Much Love,


  1. Ooh, those blue-green sandals are lush! Good to see you on Saturday! x x

    1. They are! I want them so bad!! It was really good to see you as well. xx


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