10 April 2014

Sister Vintage Round 2

Hello Beautiful People!!

First of all, I am sorry I have been away!! I have been busy with job hunting and my blog has taken a bit of a hit (sad face) but I am  back now and here with another post for you all. I also have some different ones coming up over the next few weeks as well! YAY! Excitement!!

Moving on...

I had another browse through Sister Vintage a while ago as I was very happy with my first order. I can't say I am so much with my second one though. The parcel wasn't packaged as lovingly as the one before but maybe that's me nitpicking.

 I think I should stay away from ordering their mystery package. I have afro hair, so the hair accessories they gave me from the mystery bag won't really work for me but anyone else who might want them. Let me know!
My cousin came round the other day and took the POW! necklace. It wasn't really my style to be honest.

 I do, however, love this statement necklace!

 And this one!

 And these elephant earrings!

Just to let you know, I bought all these myself. Sister Vintage is great for very affordable jewellery and the majority I would say is really nice. Their stock is always updated too.

I was also thinking of doing a give away on my 50th post. YAY or NAY?

Much Love,


  1. Oh I love the necklaces, good luck job hunting xx

  2. Good luck with your job hunting. I love Sister Vintage and am counting down the days till the website reopens. x x

  3. Thanks girls!! Hopefully I will have one soon!! Xx


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