13 February 2014

Cut for Evans

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday on twitter, a lot of bloggers that I follow were talking a lot about this event at Evans, which opened a new clothing line called Cut.

I quickly went on their website and looked up this line and I have to say I absolutely love it.

Here are my favourite picks.

I love these items, my wardrobe mostly consists of black, navy and grey and I want to add more colour into it. I think the cuts are very flattering and I love the prints!

I am currently on a 'spending strike' so I wont be able to buy any clothes this month but as soon as March comes round, hopefully I will be able to get one of these to add to my wardrobe.

If you are looking to add more colour to your wardrobe this Spring I advise having a look at this collection at Evans. Please share your favourites too.

Much Love,


  1. I love that dress! Especially the cut out detail, so cool.

    1. It's great and I really want it. I have to wait till march though.

  2. I absolutely love this dress. It's waiting for me at work tomorrow morning so I hope it fits as well as I hope it does. :)

    1. I am so jealous right now haha! I really want it!!


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