23 January 2014

Plus Size Market Spree

Hello Lovelies,
(Plenty of photo spam!! But It's all good stuff, I promise!!)

So on the 17th of this month I went to Plus London's first plus size market. I got to meet some of the beautiful bloggers who inspired me to start blogging and I also bought I ridiculous amount of clothes.

I got 15 items and spent £35 pounds which amounts to just over £2.30 per item!! SO CHEAP!!

All of the ladies that were selling their stuff were lovely and I had a great time.
The building was very easy to find but I wish there was one a bit closer to home as it took me forever and a day to get there.

I need to find better ways of showing 'hauls' but for now please bare with my slightly creased clothes that are hung up on my door.

 Look at all the pretty clothes I bought!! I got way too over excited but how cheap everything was!
Also, to the Plus London Organiser people! Please do another one!!

Let me know what you guys thing of my purchases.

Much Love,


  1. I'm so gutted I couldn't go as I would have loved to. Sounds like a you got yourself some great bargains. ;)

  2. I really hope they do another one!! Maybe we should get one organised for the kent area? xx


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