14 January 2014

My Life in Profile Pictures

Evening my dears!

I just saw on Leah's Blog this thing where she has put all of her Facebook profile pictures together. I love this idea as I have had the chance to reminisce and look back over my Facebook years.

Some of them have me as a child, my mum when she was my age and my cute little nephew, so a bit of a mix.

This is all of them, not very many because I don't update them very often.

What does your Facebook life look like? I would love to see, so link it in the comments.
Thanks Leah for passing on the idea.

Much Love,


  1. I love your smile! It's pure sunshine! It could make a statue wink. :) xx

  2. Aww thanks! you are too kind! You're pictures are really great too. I will leave a comment on your blog :) xx


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